Doing renovations, no matter how large or small the project, are always a welcome challenge to us. In many respects the changes made to existing structures require more thought and can be as rewarding, if not more, as new construction.

Kennebunkport Dutch Gambrel

1900's Gambrel major facelift including replacement of two A-frame dormers with a single larger one, first floor windows, new door with detailed roof overhang, new trim, and cedar siding. The interior received a new laundry room and interior window trim to match existing style with fresh white paint.

Drakes Island Home with Ocean VieW

A complete rehab of this ranch-style home including vaulting the ceilings and creating an open concept. We added a garage, a breezeway and finished with new cedar shingles.

Kennebunk RiverFront Home

Mid to late 1800's renovation in which we replaced the existing porch with a similarly styled and sized one.


Drakes Island Waterfront Home

A new screened-in porch, kitchen, genuine red cedar shake siding and a roofline that allowed for increased ceiling height gives this home a timeless elegance.

Sand Point Goose Rocks Home Renovation

We redid the facade of this beach and riverfront home, adding new windows and french doors, SBC cedar siding and PVC trim.

Moody BeachfronT Home Renovation

We renovated this beachfront home with new windows, trim and siding and added a deck to the second floor with Intex railing and a rubbered surface under decking to keep it dry below.